26 de marzo de 2010

Day Six: The Natural History Museum

Weather: very sunny.
National Insurance Number: échenme de comer, po favó.

Mum, I wanna see the dinos
I know darling. We are almost there.
Are they big, the dinos?
Of course they are. They are huge.
Huge like a house?
Depends on the house. But yup, some of them were even bigger than a house.
Are we there yet?
Almost. See, what a beautiful building? Don´t you like it?
Yes. I like the lions.
Yup, there are lions, and wolves. They are made of stone.
Are we there yet?
Yes, darling, we are, but we have to do the queue... Did you see how many children are there as well?
Yes, there are a lot... Are they coming to see the dinos too?
Yes, they are. The dinos, the rocks, the trees, the whales... There´s a modern part as well, it is like a huge egg made of stone, and then you go inside and you can collect information about species with a magnetic card they give you... And it is full of screens, lighting, movies... You´ll love it, you´ll see
But first we see the dinos
Yes we do
Wow, they were huge...
I told you... Did you see that dino-bird...?
And the triceratops? Look, look that one...
Aren´t they scary mum...?
No they are not. It is only the skeleton. They cannot hurt you darling.
And what´s that´s noise?
What noise?
That one... I think there´s one alive. At the other side of this wall....
Ah si? Do you want to have a look?
Not sure...
Oh! Look! It is a robot of a T-Rex. It looks so real...
Can we go?
Are you scared? Oh, darling, don´t cry. It is only a robot. Let´s go to see the monkeys, uh? Want to see the monkeys? Don´t cry sweetheart, it is only a robot...

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