4 de marzo de 2010

Day Two: London City Airport

Weather: very sunny, blue sky and freezing. Very British
Shoe size: 8 1/2 (just in case)
You fly in a tiny plane to this mini-airport they put over the river. I guess they had so much money left after non expending a pound for years into the healthy and educational systems that they could cover (as they almost did) the whole tube (tunnels and trains) with those flat screens showing ads and some more unnecessary information. And, apart from that, they needed another airport, which was not a bad idea considering Gatwick is in Scotland and better not to say how far away Luton is. Shame they went for so small crappy one. The landing road is so short that the planes are no more than buses with wings, and most of the times they don't even put a finger so you go for a nice ride in a mini-bus like in the tube at the rush hour. Anyway, you fly quite low when arriving, so you can see how large the city is (and how small the houses), how wide the river, how busy the roads after work (lights reversing the rest of the world way), and how full of dirty corners the world is. Yup, you can see the rubbish from the air, a simple wall is not enough. It is not that i always look at the rubbish, it is that they don't take the time to hide it properly.

Es bonito en planta, pero, a quien se le ocurre, en todo el medio...

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