1 de marzo de 2010

Day One: Chaos

Weather: cold and sunny
Weight: 85 kg at least and going up

First day, after all this waiting. No time for anything. The keyboard forces me to write in English (or to try to...). No computer at home (at the hotel I mean), no possibility to update at work. Many things happening at the same time (enough to write in this blog for weeks). Hope i won't forget then, or, maybe, time will clean the ones that are not important (the famous time-filter that you cannot buy at John Lewis). By now I'd say the landing is succesful. Not everything is like I was expecting, but one cannot be settled in a few days. Having the flat will help. Also will the gym, in this never-ending birthday cake on 2nd floor office and in this giant warm dark beer (but in nice old fashion pub environment) land of sinners.

Nos vemos luego.

I like the London Pride, but it is bloody hot, the damned one...

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